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Microtech Automation deals in sales and service of various types and brand of currency counting machines, we repair almost all leading brands and types of currency counting machines. We take up repair and services and maintainence and also AMC of all the brands and all types of currency counting machine whether it is loose note counting machine, bundled note counting machine, desktop type or floor model.

Currency Counting Machine : Note Counting machine , Bundled Note Counting Machine , Loose note counting machine . AMC and repair services of all types of currency counting machines.

Microtech products are comprehensive warranty long life of components and comprehensive warranty program, competitive prices and assured availability of Genuine spare parts. Both during and after warranty period.

  • Leader Supplier and Trading in banking / office automation industry in Western Maharashtra
  • Strong supply chain management & logistic solution efficient team of sales technical support professionals
  • We provide Onsite service + standby service , quality service.
  • 24*7 Online Service
  • AMS at very low rates in this industry.